Fun Cake Smash in Lancashire.

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A cake smash is essentially what it says on the tin. It’s putting a one year old in front of a cake. And basically encouraging them to make mess. By destroying the cake and eating the cake with fingers to celebrate their birthday. A mothers worst nightmare but it’s honestly great fun to watch. To see how a baby will react with a big cake in front of them(if someone put a cake in front of me I’d definitely love it). I loved photographing Ava Lancashire cake smash. 

Ava Leigh turned one in August and to celebrate she had a cake smash. To start with Ava Leigh she wasn’t for making a mess, she was eating every last crumb and giving the bits she didn’t want to her mum and grandma.

After a while Ava Leigh was bored of eating and playing with cake and so we put a couple of crips behind the cake creating this illusion she was still eating the cake(SPOILER ALERT).

I really enjoyed photographing Ava Leigh cake smash for her first birthday.

I also photographed Ava Leigh christening, click here to see.

If you want to find out more about cake smashes, message me via my contact me page.

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