Just Jodie – a Lancashire photographer

I’m a cheesy romantic comedy lover who likes to sing a lot and loud (there are some songs you just have to belt out, right?). My go to music on Spotify is a mix of 90’s, indie rock and one hit wonders. I love being a Lancashire photographer it’s the best job ever, honest. 

Yes I’m another binge watching 20 something year old. However my dedication is real. To the point that I keep a list of the tv series I have watched in my notes app just so I don’t miss an episode. I’m also that person who likes to sit and discuss the continuity, character development, storyline and well just everything about the series or film. I do suppose that comes with studying film and media in college.

I’m the youngest of three and a very proud auntie to my niece and nephew, who are also my part time models.

My car is named after the spider in Harry Potter (Aragog for you muggles). 

I have a new found love for Cross Fit and jogging. 

Anyway enough about me, let’s talk about you. Drop me a message via my Lancashire photographer contact me page.

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