Soo what is an intimate wedding you may be wondering? An intimate wedding is your normal wedding just on a smaller scale. Instead of having say 100 wedding guests you will have 50. You’ve probably heard the term micro wedding being tossed around a lot recently too. A micro wedding is on an even smaller scale, with round 15-30 wedding guests (ideal for the current limits on weddings due to COVID).

Advantages of having a Smaller, Micro Wedding in Lancashire

If you are unsure on if you should or shouldn’t book a smaller wedding hopefully this blog post will help you decide.

Invite who YOU want

This is probably the worst thing but the best thing. You get to invite who you actually want at your wedding, so if you don’t want to invite your Uncles neighbours cat then you don’t need to do it! Plus we live in the era of Zoom calls and Instagram lives. 

SAVY BONUS TIP: With the current circumstance you can always explain that your venue is allowing limited number because of COVID. 

Let’s save some money 

Having a smaller guest lists means that your wedding budget is automatically smaller. This allows you to spend your money on what really matters to you. Whether that is an amazing 3 week honeymoon in the sun, a really cool photographer (see what I did here…) or another financial goal non wedding related. 

Make memories 

2020 definitely taught us to cherish moments with our nearest and dearest. With having a more intimate wedding you are able to connect and talk to each of your wedding guests in addition to dancing the night away. Making it more personal for everyone attending.

Less planning 

One of the best things about a smaller wedding means less planning and organising. I’m not saying that planning will be completely stress free as it is a wedding, but you will be able to focus more on the finer details of your wedding day. 

More quirky wedding venues 

When it comes to choosing your wedding venue you are able to think outside the box.  You are not limited to the amount of wedding guest that your venue needs to hold. We are lucky in Lancashire as most of the wedding venues can hold smaller more intimate weddings in addition to a much larger wedding. For example: Sparth House which is located in Accrington is a family run manor which is able to cater for intimate weddings perfectly.

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